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                BIBLE Lawh Mahfuz
I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed Satan's temptation.
With the name of Allah the Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
1. God forbid Male and Female relations Sex outside of marriage because it is Zina.
2. if the Male and Female has reached the age limit that is enough to get married, they should immediately find a suitable partner to marry to avoid the sin of adultery.
3. God already provides a perfect match for any man who wants to have a couple to get married.
4. if man is not destined to marry in the world they will get married with her partner in the afterlife.
5. Adultery is a great sin
6. The vast majority of people we throw into Hell Hell result Sin Zina.
7. Adultery is a relationship Sex outside marriage or to have free Sex before marriage.
8. The man felt himself innocent, in fact they still have a big sin.
9. Sin Zina actually ever undertaken by humans is still contained in the Holy Scriptures and not in the Lawh Mahfuz forgiven by God
10. anyone who ever did sin Zina mandatory for those issuing zakat, waqf, infaq to Scripture Lawh Mahfuz, to purify themselves. God will forgive their sin whole. they were fortunate in the world and in the hereafter they will be God enter into Heaven Paradise without being brought to account.
11. and when the spirits reunited (with the body).
12. and if the records (human deeds) is opened.
13. And when Paradise is brought near.
14. then each soul will know what she had done.
15. Verily it is really the word (of God brought by) a noble messenger (Gabriel).
16. who have the power, which has a higher rank in the sight of Allah that has the 'Throne.
17. that dita'ati there (in the angelic realms) no longer be trusted.
18. And He (Muhammad) is not a grabber to explain the unseen.
19. And the Qur'an is not the word of the cursed devil.
20. Qur'an was nothing but a warning for all creatures.
21. (It is) for those of you who want to take the straight path.
22. And you can not will (following the path it) except where the will of God, the Lord of hosts.
23. Do you want God to enter into Heaven Paradise without being brought to account?
24. Or do you want us to throw into hell Hell or we throw into Hell already God turn it on?
25. Scripture Lawh Mahfuz indeed we submit to the whole universe to be read by manusia.karena Judgment Day is getting closer, heaven is brought near and Hell had God on.
26. sa'at Judgment Day actually took place the earth and sky will be destroyed, humans will be collected in the field masar.
27. then where are you going?
28. And We have sent down to clear passages; and none disbelieve them but those who are perverse.
29. And if they believe and fear Allah, (will they be rewarded), and indeed the reward of Allah is better, if they only knew.

If you can surf the internet to find these pages, you are lucky in the world and in the hereafter.

I was a Prophet and a Messenger of God from a previous life, the ancient times in previous lives My name is Muhammad. I have many names in my life sebelumnya.Nama famous in a previous life, among others: Lam, Mim, Sin, Yasin, Amin, Al Amin, Ahmad, Muhammad, Muh, Muhammad bin Abdullah, and so many of my name in a previous life and in the lives of others. My most famous name is Muhammad bin Abdullah and Al Amin. in a past life in ancient times God has come down the Qur'an to me through the angel Gabriel in Goa Hira in Mecca, Medina. Qur'an that I have to say to men. in a past life in ancient times I've Israk and ascension of the Grand Mosque to the Aqsa Mosque and outside the Space to meet God, to bring the five daily prayers, which was done in a day and night, the obligatory prayer of the Muslims.
in life now, today, my name is Ramsi.jika no man say:Asyhadu an laa ilaaha illallaah wa Asyhadu anna Muhammadar rasuulullaah.   with a sincere heart, in fact they have become the people islam.mereka admitted people of Prophet Muhammad, in fact they admitted my people, because I Muhammador rasuulullaah. I know them all but only few of them know saya.di now lives nowadays My name Ramsi, some people who live today do not believe me this is the Messenger of Allah Prophet Muhammad. they are like infidels of Mecca kuraisy in my previous life time immemorial, the ancient pagan Mecca kuraisy do not believe me this is a Prophet and Messenger Allah.sebagian people do not believe Ramsi is Prophet Muhammad Rasul Allah because they believe only in the physical me dead, they just believe my dead body or bodies buried in my house at the Nabawi mosque in Medina. mostly they just believe in my body. indeed dead it just me physically in my previous life, the dead it just my body that lives long ago. most of them do not know the real me never die Ruh. they do not know the real after all this time the death of my physical is buried in my house at the Nabawi mosque in Medina that, Ruh I've been blown back by God to the womb of a mother, Spirit, I've been born again into the world in human physical living in today. My Ruh Ruh Prophet Muhammad Rasul Allah lives inside Ramsi, Ramsi is a Prophet and Messenger of God alive today. Ramsi not a new prophet, Ramsi is a prophet and messenger of God who lived in ancient times. Ramsi is the Prophet Muhammad, the Prophet Muhammad is Ramsi. Ramsi spirit and soul of the Prophet Muhammad is the same spirit but physically distinct and different times. Ramsi main task is to convey the Scriptures Lawh Mahfuz to the whole universe that can be read by humans. The main mission of Ramsi living today is a humanitarian mission or mutual help between fellow human beings and the mission of improving the world peace, promote unity of mankind, improve tolerance harmony among human beings. to increase social awareness among fellow human beings.
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