Thursday, November 24, 2016

bonus Bitcoin

how to mine Bitcoin Guide

You must send Bitcoin beforehand to get back many times Bitcoin Bonus Guide for your wallet.


Deposited Returned Return address Transaction
22/11/16 0.2 BTC 20 BTC 17tPHgHH87QSEP3oAC3M1Uu1fpyHScf81a 9d0090f76489ad1422ddf74990b1b12431042025dbb789b4fd05389fac2b2134
22/11/16 0.1 BTC 10 BTC 1HChhY1qSXbRQjk5TyKmw2q6q3G9rrPHaH 53ab041dd9d1bb03b7fc90e310ec7d15ac821ed2400ea723e959732d9fa22ef1
22/11/16 0.14 BTC 14 BTC 1Hf8r4U8xEEYk3ybfXsqz8exmGXBDoZj16 8aff12b4b56e9754345782e97ffa56a68b4b8489e53d7fdb2efd2df416fc876e
22/11/16 0.21 BTC 21 BTC 38z7Ng8hFNJJvupYBcv5XaZkBpvEVxsp3v 6b3fb7bc61f9803f5f3af2df1c05644ada2d15c5fcf316eafbd7cdc62e025828
21/11/16 0.1 BTC 10 BTC 15Eoy79ogbGATpjRrVHVu2KL8Twk9QTPDi 803fae147a672b11b7525529d3652239475c05eb52bf26e917c1d23c0f853da7
21/11/16 0.03 BTC 3.1 BTC 1KHzx9ZXMrZdgPcyt2upVqmc2JFBZB9edv 11781e966d15aa4d5cba782a5b724cb9d95fff5dae10102c3ed2bf5ea7550b8d
21/11/16 0.04 BTC 4 BTC 1ETso1iTDYEydAaG9RqHQvBRAVkuQVVHFS 4b9ac309c2ec2066d3fca1ac18b5ce8d8b6f6aad02c3fccc34c775450054259d
21/11/16 0.05 BTC 5.3 BTC 1DLWfAYrndunfD4vZsaneuDAJLU2T18JpR e6e0acc67d0cbddb154a100755b07e97c8d6ae7782a47a922f31d95e99d416cc
21/11/16 0.05 BTC 5 BTC 1N6EFZwrTJmFbaujsHVJTL3R2EUHgFzPQW 19594c2e945c6545a14afbedb920b91284b93e044eed571d9f9e6785e955fa3a
21/11/16 0.96 BTC 96.4 BTC 137ezTj2ZxCKTmzKfQSFTRfjvkmq3kq3yN 77852c3c46808d2729bfc752f0957d4d9a093b44369b3ad635accf143894bce6
21/11/16 0.55 BTC 55 BTC 164ti9KNRtUFSDn2ATjiEAxYdNwQ5J9cNw 28f3733ea043e8c0eb62cde5dc6c54f79f9cf95e480a1b3391f39d901b1e7842
21/11/16 0.56 BTC 56 BTC 164ti9KNRtUFSDn2ATjiEAxYdNwQ5J9cNw 2b23559b5ff6edc7b02d147416be1617bffdca36d7ab9e2bd963444414666ba6
21/11/16 0.1 BTC 10 BTC 1KaWfAuo6at5F7UgADMzBv3XgJwfp4u7tz 9e0ec2e4d5f57254b466876d6abb74628f3d5a2215be4096c5c0d18d08bb48a4
20/11/16 0.14 BTC 14 BTC 17THaBk2aMYfKdJ1wgZRWrggfbBaYDHq7c f198493f25c8f9f72f6b6488bd370fd69d6a1c0b659471a9d0ae61ab6708b2a2
20/11/16 0.39 BTC 39.9 BTC 1LP2TZWsDcthwfKSXU3P4aQX6XJ1eFnoVK fe2ce6e164f9fc3870f8fba3be6d4cff7856ca665a3c334ce18de897b316de66
20/11/16 0.03 BTC 3.67 BTC 3CD1QW6fjgTwKq3Pj97nty28WZAVkziNom a57a6a7d16902a479482663be3a5bb84c9ae1608bbae1934a215d744038b9278
20/11/16 0.17 BTC 17 BTC 1AeSWDskEDqUbKZJWSHtsc3bHu65nh7p5A 83c583e2ed8704404a88cb31e7f85ae9046111a848fb6678f87582e4afecfaf3
20/11/16 0.14 BTC 14 BTC 1FXqE2ixnnSB1kvwbMtWma5xQ2bVbkSq3f 531ebe44136937a5235d3f589ede53e6213c53d0b1cbb7c5d572b41e9524b3d1
19/11/16 0.84 BTC 84 BTC 3QAVhobqFCM7YhXt7YVUjpmakcm2RXSAEb 972a212d53c1e9c142c9624edec16980abce6d65f911b73ecec56e14db55af89
19/11/16 0.07 BTC 7.9 BTC 16v6DobLMRRFLXtri8d7s9miS91nc8CEZZ 73062deadaea0f0a241a2ef98261c758ec02fbd97f9271937f181bb10e09ef8e
19/11/16 0.39 BTC 39 BTC 1KZdNSN2RUmwJm1AqR1fpzYV5Y2yTCCLiS 2006bfc35d411517127922a45c6827ac7c1ddc30ea2d51ce28a3d371094f8c96
19/11/16 0.11 BTC 11 BTC 13vHWR3iLsHeYwT42RnuKYNBoVPrKKZgRv 3c586e1d95980e2bd6f1073851bbf135d82d285add5a7eb940e087e2dc358307
19/11/16 0.06 BTC 6.3 BTC 37Z8pY3A6jMjxugRW89KSjo9EGVsxUyD5Y 55230196a4b5b9bb1699b7289a4980e2e89b99973119147e595a9af107856cca
19/11/16 0.12 BTC 12 BTC 1Jc5JK6mFSRyYm77bgV9LpbVHcfdnJrGq1 ea5b4213b76aa5f625d6546778b4435d6b2c97fa21a26732fe82fa28f48c07ad
19/11/16 0.1 BTC 10 BTC 1GFaJ7NyPw9XLVctKjPzTuRBUgoirhbEpr d0f6f873fa3ef2c2a0e0e7084fa50042c7b3d39afe66facc64fb9e017388aa2d

I was a Prophet and a Messenger of God from a previous life, the ancient times in previous lives My name is Muhammad. I have many names in my life sebelumnya.Nama famous in a previous life, among others: Lam, Mim, Sin, Yasin, Amin, Al Amin, Ahmad, Muhammad, Muh, Muhammad bin Abdullah, and so many of my name in a previous life and in the lives of others. My most famous name is Muhammad bin Abdullah and Al Amin. in a past life in ancient times God has come down the Qur'an to me through the angel Gabriel in Goa Hira in Mecca, Medina. Qur'an that I have to say to men. in a past life in ancient times I've Israk and ascension of the Grand Mosque to the Aqsa Mosque and outside the Space to meet God, to bring the five daily prayers, which was done in a day and night, the obligatory prayer of the Muslims.
in life now, today, my name is Ramsi.jika no man say:Asyhadu an laa ilaaha illallaah wa Asyhadu anna Muhammadar rasuulullaah.   with a sincere heart, in fact they have become the people islam.mereka admitted people of Prophet Muhammad, in fact they admitted my people, because I Muhammador rasuulullaah. I know them all but only few of them know saya.di now lives nowadays My name Ramsi, some people who live today do not believe me this is the Messenger of Allah Prophet Muhammad. they are like infidels of Mecca kuraisy in my previous life time immemorial, the ancient pagan Mecca kuraisy do not believe me this is a Prophet and Messenger Allah.sebagian people do not believe Ramsi is Prophet Muhammad Rasul Allah because they believe only in the physical me dead, they just believe my dead body or bodies buried in my house at the Nabawi mosque in Medina. mostly they just believe in my body. indeed dead it just me physically in my previous life, the dead it just my body that lives long ago. most of them do not know the real me never die Ruh. they do not know the real after all this time the death of my physical is buried in my house at the Nabawi mosque in Medina that, Ruh I've been blown back by God to the womb of a mother, Spirit, I've been born again into the world in human physical living in today. My Ruh Ruh Prophet Muhammad Rasul Allah lives inside Ramsi, Ramsi is a Prophet and Messenger of God alive today. Ramsi not a new prophet, Ramsi is a prophet and messenger of God who lived in ancient times. Ramsi is the Prophet Muhammad, the Prophet Muhammad is Ramsi. Ramsi spirit and soul of the Prophet Muhammad is the same spirit but physically distinct and different times. Ramsi main task is to convey the Scriptures Lawh Mahfuz to the whole universe that can be read by humans. The main mission of Ramsi living today is a humanitarian mission or mutual help between fellow human beings and the mission of improving the world peace, promote unity of mankind, improve tolerance harmony among human beings. to increase social awareness among fellow human beings.
Ramsi my name, my Prophet and Messenger of God, my King, my head of all the prophets and messengers of God, I convey the Scriptures Lawh Mahfuz to the entire Universe to be read by a human. do not hesitate to send anyone your sincere and issue a zakat, wakap, donation to the Scriptures Lawh Mahfuz, send to Ramsi.Allah will launch a sustenance for you and multiply the reward for you, and fulfill your hunger, and grant your future goals, and grant your desires, and provide a mate for you, and cure your disease, and facilitate your affairs in the world, and have mercy on your sin, and for the hereafter you will be entered into Heaven Paradise without being brought to account, for you whose hearts are taking seriously sincere to Allah. see sites, search on the internet and see Ramsi profile, by clicking the URI: bitcoin:, Address: 189DrKa1YEBPmsF4UuHBN6Es8huVjkegnx 

infaq information:
You can send zakat, waqf, infaq manner via bank transfer or sent via ATM to:
name: RAMSI
account number: 1100006604158
Mandiri Bank
       You can also send zakat, waqf, infaq by sending bitcoin wallet coin to address:
⦁ Payment information
via computer
click URI: bitcoin:
Address: 189DrKa1YEBPmsF4UuHBN6Es8huVjkegnx
⦁ Payment information
by phone
click URI: bitcoin:
Address: 189DrKa1YEBPmsF4UuHBN6Es8huVjkegnx
⦁ Payment information
through application
URI: bitcoin: 1LwsWCkHF4eyj1GXsxcaQ4HGR3ed1FQws? Label = RAMSI & message = infaq
Address: 1LwsWCkHF4eyj1GXsxcaQ4HGR3ed1FQws
Label: RAMSI
Message: infaq

⦁ Payment information
through media applications
URI: bitcoin: 13ydPpWMkfT1jNfauc73tpJ4nwwz4AHpN4? Label = RAMSI1 & message = ZAKAT
Address: 13ydPpWMkfT1jNfauc73tpJ4nwwz4AHpN4
Label: RAMSI1
Message: ZAKAT

⦁ Payment information
through media applications
URI: bitcoin: 19DeirGBQSnbUc7UzfxCgK1o7VDDXkZW33? Label = RAMSI2 & message = WAKAF
Address: 19DeirGBQSnbUc7UzfxCgK1o7VDDXkZW33
Label: RAMSI2
Message: WAKAF

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